Danowski | Wróblewski | Isakov


Connexion is an audiovisual music performance for VR. The performer uses 3D interface to control the granular synthesis and spatial positioning of sounds within the auditorium. The visual representation gives the performer clues about the characteristics of sound, also being an indicator of the spatial propagation of sound. This gives the performer actual feeling of performing with their gestures and movements as one has with the material instruments. The form of the interface itself is digital art work. The sound is rendered onto speaker system surrounding auditorium. The spatial sound is rendered via ambisonics bus.


Connexion was created using Unreal Engine 4.It employs granular synthesis as the modulator of the precomposed music and uses spatial listener for audio. The performer moves the sounds with his hands (which are the emitters of sounds) around the large round object, which is called „monad”. The movement makes the sound flow around the soundfield. The position of hands also changes the parameters of the synthesis – sound emission time and granularity. This gives control over dramatic aspects of music. One can use different precomposed tracks and use Connexion as an instrument or perform on an original piece composed for it.