Lovestory is an interactive virtual reality experience. It’s main idea is the transfer of participant’s body into a virtual body and then a simulation of that presence in said body. The main emphasis of the action is a motion-captured intercourse between real people which builds up the experience. The creators identify the idea of acquiring the body and taking over another being with Tulpa, present in Tibetan mysticism, sometimes used as a synonym of “magical vanity”, “apparition” or “thought-shape”.

This diagram shows the tensions and dependencies contained in the VR experience.

1. Tension diagram at all stages of the experience

2. Output area of activity in the initial area

3. Focus zones during the whole experience

4. Interaction resulting from the relationship A and B – schematic version

5. Participant relations between interaction partners after interception

6. Narrative diagram and stages of learning: overture, exposure, selection, interception,
merger, interference, fusion, transmigration, separation and abandonment

7. Possible capture area in a headlock mode.

8. Hierarchy and sequence of events related directly to the participant of the virtual experience

9. Graphic interpretation of the relationship of entities in Lovestory